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Jazon SamillanoLet me welcome you to our TIBCO Blog. My name is Jazon Samillano, and I am a TIBCO Certified Professional. I am presently the CEO and one of the Senior TIBCO Architects of Xmarter, Inc., a TIBCO consulting company that is growing at a very healthy and sustainable rate.

TIBCO is a big passion of mine! After many years of working with TIBCO software products, I am logically convinced that TIBCO Software, Inc. can truly help companies fulfill their needs in service-oriented architecture, systems integration, and business process management. I started Xmarter, Inc. to bring this passion to many, many more clients than I can possibly serve just working alone.

By the way, I am not an employee of TIBCO Software, Inc., and they do not pay me any money to evangelize for them.

I hope you enjoy this TIBCO blog. Keep coming back because this blog will very quickly fill up with tons of great TIBCO tutorials and rants from me and the TIBCO Certified Professionals in my company.

This TIBCO blog includes the following categories:

1. I Love TIBCO – From time to time, I will post a video or an article about the reasons why I am a big fan of TIBCO Software and why I feel it is a great platform for systems integration, SOA, and BPM.

2. The Xmarter TIBCO Architect Series – This series includes high-level technical overviews and discussions of the different packages of TIBCO Software, such as their components, functionalities, applications, and other concepts relevant to software integration and architecture.

3. TIBCO Developers Library – This is a set of articles tackling the different TIBCO software packages and their functions and activities. This collection also explains the benefits business owners and I.T. professionals will achieve in using TIBCO software packages. These articles are written by the TIBCO consultants of Xmarter, Inc.

4. TIBCO Technical Assistance – This contains posts that are aimed at helping TIBCO developers with very technical TIBCO questions.

5. TIBCO Tutorials – This category contains blog posts intended to teach you about TIBCO.

6. TIBCO Videos – This category contains all the videos we’ve created to help you learn TIBCO.

7. TIBCOmmentaries – Aside from tutorials, I will also post news and updates regarding TIBCO and related technology. You can also expect some reviews and comments on the latest breakthroughs in information technology.

I hope you will find my blog useful. Please posts comments into my blog so I will know what I’m doing well and what needs improvement. If you think the TIBCO consultants in my company, including myself, can help your company in any way, drop a message in my email, and we can promptly start the conversation going.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Prateek Gautam
    Dec 3 2013


    I am trying to reach you in regards to a job opportunity.

    its a TIBCO Architect Role for Nashville , TN.

    if interested , please send resume to

    Prateek Gautam

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