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December 1, 2009

TIBCO Developers Library – What is TIBCO iProcess Suite?

TIBCO iProcess Suite

All companies aim for a clear, smooth and effective business flow. In order to achieve this, business tasks should therefore be monitored and analyzed, and outputs and performance reports should be clear and must be done in real-time. TIBCO iProcess Suite offers a one of a kind and powerful business processes management tool to help your company achieve this aim.

What is iProcess Suite?

TIBCO iProcess Suite is a set of software that enables consultants and developers to model, simulate, execute and monitor business processes. It is a complete business process management (BPM) tool that helps you increase the performance of your business execution. It offers a full visibility of step by step business flow. You can integrate any types of business flow using this software. It has the capability to make humans and systems participate in the business process execution. It offers excellent process monitoring capabilities.

What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management is simply the management of your business processes. It is a simple yet a powerful concept that helps you increase the efficiency of your business processes. It is a combination of processes and technology. It improves the execution and monitoring of processes. These processes may involve the tasks between two persons, a person and an application or between two applications.

What kinds of activities are involved in business process management?

These activities complete the cycle of your BPM. First is the modeling of business processes. This is where you create a flow of your process. You analyze the sequence and model it based on your working environment. Next is the deployment of your created model. The business process model that you create will be deployed so that it will be ready for execution. After that is, the execution where the process is already being used. The process is in action and users can already interact with the application. The last one is the monitoring and maintenance of the application. Monitoring the output and maintaining the processes are essential to every application.

What are the advantages of iProcess Suite?

The advantages are summarized as follows: It can accept any type of business process flow; simplifies complex business processes; and offers full visibility of business flow across the entire enterprise. It reduces the time consumed in managing the processes. It increases the speed of execution of each process. Another advantage of using this software is that humans and system tasks work hand in hand. For example, if a certain company orders a large amount of items that costs a large amount of money to an iProcess user company, it is a bit inappropriate for the system to comply with that order automatically, so an authentication of the manager or supervisor is needed first before the compliance of the order. It offers excellent flexibility to business changes. Rules and regulations of a business firm can change anytime. IProcess Suite can easily adjust to these new rules with ease.

What are the sets of software that comprise the iProcess Suite?

TIBCO IProcess Suite is composed of
· TIBCO Business Studio™
· TIBCO iProcess™ Decisions
· TIBCO iProcess™ Conductor
· TIBCO iProcess™ Analytics
· TIBCO iProcess™ Workspace
· TIBCO iProcess™ Insight
· TIBCO iProcess™ Engine

What is TIBCO Business Studio™?

TIBCO Business Studio™ is an eclipse-based environment tool where you can create business models based on Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standards. You can also do simulation based on the model that you create to locate processes that need to be improved and changed. You can create your business model similar to a flow chart of a business process. When you complete the business model, Business Studio is capable of integrating new processes into the old processes. The simulation capability of the tool can predict outputs such as users’ utilization of a certain task. It is an excellent simulation tool that helps business analysts improve the business flow process.

What is TIBCO iProcess™ Decisions?

Every business is accompanied by business rules. These rules are important and should always be followed. At a certain time, rules in businesses can change. For the management to easily adapt to these new rules, TIBCO iProcess™ Decisions provides us with a spreadsheet user interface that handles these rules. This tool has a user friendly environment that even non-technical personnel can use to modify, test and analyze business rules. It has an excellent flexibility to respond to fast changing business rules.

What is TIBCO iProcess™ Conductor?

Business processes are prone to unavoidable circumstances that might change how a business process will flow. Because of this complexity, TIBCO iProcess™ Conductoris created. Business applications that are already deployed in the iProcess Engine can dynamically be modified using this tool. There might be inevitable changes that would happen during the runtime of the processes, which need to be taken into account immediately. In that case, this tool is the best choice to do the job.

What is TIBCO iProcess™ Analytics?

Business process monitoring is essential to every business process management. iProcess™ Analytics provides companies the ability to analyze and monitor business processes. This will give them deep implication to efficiently and continuously improve their system. It is an On-line Analytic Processing (OLAP) based tool that offers a real-time monitoring of running processes with graphical and easy to configure monitoring reports.

What is TIBCO iProcess™ Workspace?

This web-based tool is used for user interaction with the business applications. This tool displays all tasks, cases, jobs, outputs, users’ information, records and process completion counts that an administrator can monitor and manage. The user utilizes this tool to complete and monitor the completion of task.

What is TIBCO iProcess™ Insight?

TIBCO iProcess™ Insightis another business process monitoring tool from TIBCO, which has business activity monitoring capabilities. It is a powerful tool that provides a profound insight to the business manager about the performance of the business processes. Business managers can resolve to business process effectiveness, locate business processes inaccuracy and monitor the performance of business processes in real-time. It can also manage users, tasks, operations and exceptions.

What is TIBCO iProcess™ Engine?

TIBCO iProcess™ Engine is responsible for the execution of the business processes. All business models are deployed in this engine. It is the one that makes sure that the processes are running. Users and Administrators are connected to this engine. This engine is also responsible for the cases, tasks and instances created by the users and the administrators.

Experience increase in productivity, save cost and achieve efficient business flow. TIBCO iProcess Suite is a powerful business process management tool that will definitely benefit you and your company.

NOTE: This article was written by one of the TIBCO Certified Professionals of Xmarter, Inc., a technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering business solutions using TIBCO technology. To schedule a technical interview with the consultants, send an email to

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