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December 14, 2009

TIBCO Developers Library – What is TIBCO Silver?

Considering the number of months or even years required for developers to create and develop software applications, the amount of money spent to purchase licensed software, upgrade software and hardware requirements, and train or update the skill sets of the developers and the extent of efforts needed to test errors and check compliance rules and security, we can say that the traditional rudiments of software development can be a bit dragging, inefficient, and costly in the part of businesses that expect these applications to serve them in the quickest way possible. To address these concerns, TIBCO has developed another remarkable software that lets you develop applications with the cloud or, as simply put, remotely through the Internet. Introducing TIBCO Silver, a promising innovation that embodies the realization of cloud computing.

TIBCO Silver is a TIBCO software that enables you to easily and quickly develop applications by separating the development of these applications from the underlying infrastructure that governs these applications. In other words, you, as a software developer or architect, would just need to focus on creating and building the application without worrying too much about the installation and configuration of your development environment. All you need to do is to connect to the cloud and your working environment is made available for you in a minute or two. This working environment is ensured to be complete, updated, and reliable. It is also very fast and easy to deploy applications directly as soon as you have finished them for everything is already provided with the cloud. You have access to both the development and the production environments. You can develop applications within the public or private cloud or even outside the cloud. You can finish the development rapidly anytime and anywhere.

TIBCO Silver is an innovation that takes away the dilemma of governance which refers to the boundary or norm that defines the way applications should be developed and what resources are available for use. With TIBCO Silver, the developers do not need to be mindful of how the project is managed and monitored. The I.T. Department can setup governance checkpoints that would allow certain personnel to create rules regarding what the developers can do. These governance checkpoints are built in to TIBCO Silver. The developers don’t also need to be concerned with the security of the projects because security mechanisms such as authorization, authentication, access control and encryption are readily available and are also built in to TIBCO Silver. All the developers need to do is to define these reusable templates declaratively. You can deliver valuable business applications and services to customers in a less amount of time and effort.

TIBCO Silver makes software development very portable. One concern that hinders the developer from finishing quickly the application could be the absence of necessary and prerequisite drivers or software that should be installed into a desktop computer. TIBCO Silver works like a utility that checks all the necessities and requirements of development. Hence, you don’t need to install the software into your desktop computer and you don’t have to bother yourself with the current state of your development environment because everything is provided to you outright with the cloud. All you have to do is to know the connection to that cloud and you can immediately begin working. It’s so easy and convenient. TIBCO Silver thus offers software as services instantly made available for developers.

TIBCO Silver is an intelligent software that is capable of analyzing the errors in your application and that provides support for programming languages like Java, C, C++, .NET, and Ruby. This means that you don’t have to start from scratch once you decided to integrate your old application into TIBCO Silver. Furthermore, TIBCO Silver is elastic in a sense that the growing or shrinking of the application is taken care of by the platform. It also makes use of graphical representation of the development activities aside from explicit codes, which is easy for those developers who are not really into encoding. TIBCO Silver also has the capability to scale your applications. This means that the platform determines the system load required to achieve your development goals. You don’t need to manually set particular settings or contact your I.T. Department to adjust some of these settings because TIBCO Silver intelligently does this to suit your needs!

Amazingly, software development has evolved from the usual and traditional way with the goal of making development of applications and services faster, easier, and more efficient in order to leverage business goals and operations. Using TIBCO Silver, you are on the right track towards achieving these. The silver linings of the cloud shine to pave the way to a brighter and clearer future in the aspect of software development and towards the success of your business.

NOTE: This article was written by one of the TIBCO Certified Professionals of Xmarter, Inc., a technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering business solutions using TIBCO technology. To schedule a technical interview with the consultants, send an email to

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