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January 19, 2010

A TIBCO Spotfire Fun Drive to Faster and Better Decisions

Decisions are like rudders that steer business operations. Making right and timely decisions is crucial for businesses that want to stay on top of their game. Decision making is often based upon raw data and information that come in flooding the enterprise every minute. The question whether streams of information will impact a breakthrough and relevance to the enterprise lies in the hands of business analysts to discover and uncover insights from data which will aid in making outright decisions. Enterprises invest greatly their finances on Business Intelligence (BI) tools to guide them to their target. The challenge is how instant could they come up with a good accurate decision with their current BI tool?

Business Intelligence is a domain of skills, technologies, and practices used to shore up better decision making. BI systems also called decision support systems can mirror the past, present and future of business operations. Traditional BI systems require large data from which reports and statistical analysis are generated. This also requires time and skill from an expert IT team. By the time findings reach the analyst, more often data as they are dynamic have already changed and might not be realistically applicable. Unlike traditional BI tools, TIBCO Spotfire sets itself distinctly apart as a pure analytics platform that gives the analyst a hands-on game-like user experience that is visual, interactive, immediate, and contextual.

TIBCO Spotfire is different from conventional business intelligence platforms in such a way that it has enormously faster analytic capabilities and befits rapidly changing industries in order to adjust with the challenges of business. What makes TIBCO Spotfire truly different is its visual way of wrapping up data or data visualization. Data visualization presents meaningful information through graphs, maps, colored matrices, scatter plots, and more. Decision makers can consequently grasp, absorb, and comprehend information having a visual appeal leading to critical decisions made very quickly. These visual capabilities allow you to see trends and unexpected relationships among data in real time. Thus, enterprises can keep up to the level of the competition in business and even increase their edge over close competitors.

Like any fun and enjoyable games, Spotfire employs the principle of interactivity. Spotfire lets users tweak data and observe the resulting trends and answer unanticipated questions right away. The user is free to move and explore by selecting filters and changing their values. Immediacy keeps data up to date and reflective of the current state of the business which serves as the basis of viable decisions. Spotfire can be configured with rules-based event processing using BusinessEvents to monitor new data as they come streaming in. Most importantly, data must make sense and must be relevant and in the right context. Which of the information can address the current need of the business and how it will be correctly interpreted are substantial in making decisions and in taking the business to the exact course of business goals.

Spotfire has contributed tremendous advancements in life sciences research analysis through introducing integration solutions in this field. The Integromics Biomarker Discovery 2.0 for TIBCO Spotfire, developed by Integromics S.L., a company that provides excellent software solutions for data management and data analysis in Genomics, Proteomics, and Drug Discovery, in partnership with TIBCO, provides an environment for scientific study of human genomes or the aggregate of all human genes through analysis of DNA sequences. TIBCO Spotfire Lead Discovery 2.0 offers an interactive and highly visual environment that allows drug experts to explore the effects of chemicals on biological activity. TIBCO Spotfire Connector for Pipeline Pilot enables users to maximize and access the Pipeline Pilot protocols, component functions provided by Accelrys, to help in accomplishing research goals from within their Spotfire session. The TIBCO Spotfire Clinical Graphics reduces the effort to develop and format graphs which are opted for as best tools for humans to observe patterns or deviations from represented data and to improve decision making. Through this, you can create graph specifications faster by pointing and clicking without programming required and you can improve resource utilization by not having skilled workers do repetitive tasks and by letting them do more important activities instead.

Definitely, Spotfire is another state-of-the-art software tool from TIBCO. Spotfire is currently being offered for trial download so that enterprises may evaluate this software before purchasing. With TIBCO Spotfire, your enterprise will reach its greatest potential, will enhance its performance, and will surely give you an acclaimed advantage in business.

NOTE: This article was written by one of the TIBCO Certified Professionals of Xmarter, Inc., a technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering business solutions using TIBCO technology. To schedule a technical interview with the consultants, send an email to

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