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March 15, 2010

TIBCO tibbr Takes Workplace Communications to a New Level

Social networks and microblogging sites enable information exchange among various people. We have been using these tools for quite a while now and we receive short updates coming from people (or friends) all the time. But, what if we are not interested with what a particular person is eating for today but we want to know more, for example, about the latest report on Haiti? Twitter makes it possible to filter phrases or topics from tweets but you may not end up finding the right information you want from among the hundreds of results.

It’s amazing how TIBCO, a company that offers business integration solution to disparate systems, pioneered the twisted ‘Twitter’ for the wokplace that “allows information to easily find you,” instead of the other way around, with the release of its new product tibbr. Powered by TIBCO Silver, the first software platform for cloud computing, tibbr permits you to follow subjects and not just people. A subject can be a grain of significant information which may be more relevant in a business scenario than the person where the information came from. If you want to know about the performance of your sales or the status of your marketing, you can follow those subjects and the relevant information you need and want will come knocking at your door. In addition to following subjects, tibbr also permits following machines which means you can subscribe to important messages from different automation systems. While Twitter is built on a public network, tibbr maintains a scalable, secured, highly available and reliable delivery of information which is private and more suitable for the enterprise.

Twitter and tibbr both have one thing in common, that is, both of them are real-time communication tools. One notable thing about tibbr, however, is that it has the functionality that gives the users the ability to discard duplicate posts or re-posts (called retweets in Twitter lingo), and eliminate lengthy “reply all” email strings. By centering on the subjects, tibbr eliminates what TIBCO calls as “static and unwanted information clutter.” Unlike social networks, tibbr is geared towards the delivery of needed and wanted information relevant to an employee working on a specific part of the enterprise context at a precise time. Subjects can include not just topics but users and business processes as well.

It is therefore time that this software technology in its newest shape become a part of the enterprise. TIBCO has again taken the lead in the attempt to make communications better within the workplace.

NOTE: This article was written by one of the TIBCO Certified Professionals of Xmarter, Inc., a technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering business solutions using TIBCO technology. To schedule a technical interview with the consultants, send an email to

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