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TIBCO Consulting Services Guarantee

Test our TIBCO consulting abilities before hiring us.

Providing a guarantee for professional services is a little trickier than providing a guarantee on a car or a computer. Yet, clients normally spend more money on professional services than on a car or a computer. The way we guarantee our services is simple and straightforward. We allow our prospects to try out a certain consultant to see if that consultant is a good fit for the prospects needs. If our TIBCO Consultant is not the right fit after the trial period, then no consulting contract is ever signed!

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For example, we had an existing client who was already contracting one of our TIBCO consultants and was very happy with him. They needed more consultants but was feeling unsure whether to contract the two TIBCO consultants we offered to them because they were not as experienced in a specific TIBCO software product as the first consultant. The way we made the decision easier for them was to let them try out the two TIBCO consultants for an entire week on one of their existing projects.

TIBCO Guarantee

TIBCO Certified Professional
The trial period started on a Monday, and by Thursday of that same week, the client was convinced they had to have the two other TIBCO consultants! We offer this same option to all of our potential clients. We understand how frightening it is to be on the decision table, not knowing if a consultant will be an asset or a liability on your TIBCO project.

Contact us to see how we can help you with this option.

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