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Testimonials from Our Clients

Written testimonials directly from our TIBCO clients

TIBCO Testimonials

"[A Xmarter TIBCO Certified Professional and Consultant] is one person who is most looked by TA and BE Team. He has been multitasking across Infra Integration Issues and BE development Issue. During initial days of Integration, his more than 50% bandwidth went in ESB Mirror application and yet he was always smiling and completing his task on time. His contribution has made possible TA to do start integration testing. He is always ready to help others and you can always hear his name being shouted in team area. We have leveraged his TIBCO expertise and been a valuable asset to the team. He has mousse well with team; he has provided creative and timely solutions to BE gating issues. You are one of the pillars of BE, Keep the good work."

"[A Xmarter TIBCO Certified Professional and Consultant] has been a great asset to the team. She was the first member to join the ESB track and has helped in ramping up other team members. She has very good understanding of BW process as well as concepts of XSD/DTD/WSDL etc. It is really amazing to see the kind of dedication/focus shown by her. Have also seen her give her best even when she was not well. Another thing about her is her jovial nature, she is always happy and smiling. Keep up the great work!"

"[A Xmarter TIBCO Certified Professional and Consultant] has been an asset to the team. He had been very flexible in moving from one track to another - and has given his 100% in both the tracks. He has great understanding of BW as well as other key concepts. Also has been a key contributor in BE track as well. His documentation and reporting of issues is also very nice and helpful. It is great to see the focus and commitment from him for the project/work. Keep up the great work!"

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