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TIBCO Developers Six Day Workweek

Suppose your TIBCO Developers worked six days per week instead
of five. What would that do for your TIBCO project timeline?

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TIBCO Developers Six-Day TIBCO Workweek
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This might come as a surprise, but it's true. Here in Xmarter, Inc., we have the great advantage of working 6 days per week instead of 5. If our clients prefer, Saturday can be a workday for us, not a weekend. Our aim is to give you the value of the extra day of TIBCO work to speed up a lagging project or to put a project ahead of schedule. We believe this is a significant value to our clients. It means an extra 8 hours of work from each consultant every week. This adds up very quickly. Use our interactive calculator below to see for yourself the magnitude of this option.

Number of Consultants: 
Month Competitor's
 Difference  Total
Jan 09
Feb 09
Mar 09
Apr 09
May 09
Jun 09
Jul 09
Aug 09
Sep 09
Oct 09
Nov 09
Dec 09

As seen in this workday comparison, after one year of consulting, the Xmarter, Inc. Consultant has worked 52 days more than the competitor's consultant. Surely, than can make a significant difference on the timeliness of a TIBCO project. The extra 52 days is equivalent to 10.4 work weeks or 2 1/2 months of application development work from our consultant. When you have 3 of our consultants, that means almost 8 months of extra work.

So far, every single one of our clients, except one, have taken advantage of this extended workweek option. For example, on a TIBCO project for a major airline company in Asia, the project timeline started to get tight. The client's Project Manager was very happy with their partnership with Xmarter because that enabled them to have TIBCO consultants very willing to consistently work on Saturdays. This allowed the client to bring the project to a more desirable status in a matter of a few weeks. We are very proud of our consultants for their dedication to our clients.

Consider the above benefit and many other benefits we can offer to your company, and ask, "Would this be an improvement over what we are doing at this time?"

If you would like even more assurance that our team has the expertise to substantially contribute on your TIBCO projects, find out about our guarantee.

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