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TIBCO Project Leadership

Your project can be led by a Senior TIBCO Architect with extensive
knowledge and experience in TIBCO project architecture and implementation.

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Senior TIBCO Architects

Xmarter, Inc. has a solid model for project implementation. When you work with us, you have the option of contracting one of our Senior TIBCO Architects to serve in a leadership role in your project. This is someone with many years of experience in TIBCO project architecture and implementation. Basically, this is someone to whom you can entrust the life of your TIBCO project. In fact, our Senior TIBCO Architects have experience helping past clients rescue dying TIBCO projects from the mess made by other resources. The Xmarter Architect can help you in your needs by giving technical advice and guiding direction for your project.

How does this relate to our TIBCO Developers who are not yet at the architect level? A successful model we have implemented is having one of our Senior TIBCO Architects lead a project implementation where our cost-effective TIBCO developers work under the Architect. The Architect is held 100% responsible for the productivity and output delivered by the Developers all throughout the life of the project. This combination of a Senior TIBCO Architect and some very cost-effective TIBCO Developers have done well in keeping our clients happy with our project results.

Senior TIBCO Architects

TIBCO Leadership
- Ross Perot    

Consider the above benefit and many other benefits we can offer to your company, and ask, "Would this be an improvement over what we are doing at this time?"

If you would like even more assurance that our team has the expertise to substantially contribute on your TIBCO projects, find out about our guarantee.

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