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Senior TIBCO Architects and TIBCO Developers of Xmarter, Inc. Serving a New Client in the United States

January 11, 2011 - Senior TIBCO Architects and TIBCO Developers of Xmarter, Inc., a TIBCO consulting services firm, are presently in their second month of productive service for a new long-term client in the United States. The client is a publicly-traded company that has been using TIBCO technology for many years now. The TIBCO expertise of Xmarter, Inc. was brought in to lead the implementation of numerous 2011 TIBCO initiatives for the client. The consulting project will involve the use of cutting-edge TIBCO products, such as TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BusinessEvents, and other TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid.

An interesting fact about this project is the consulting model that will be used. At the beginning, the Senior TIBCO Architects of Xmarter, who are based in the United States, are kicking off the numerous TIBCO initiatives from the client's location. Afterwards, Xmarter's TIBCO Developers will remotely assist in the project implementation from Xmarter's offices in Asia. Though they are offshore, a solid line of communication will be maintained to ensure the work of the developers is in line with the desired outcomes. The on-site Senior TIBCO Architects of Xmarter will lead the efforts of the off-site team to guarantee strong, productive results. The client is expected to actualize significant financial savings due to the cost-effectiveness of this model, which is growing in popularity in the United States.

"To say that I am excited about the possibilities with our new US client would be an understatement," says Xmarter CEO Jazon Samillano. We feel honored to have been chosen by this client as a preferred vendor to provide their team with TIBCO consulting services. We are looking forward to wholeheartedly serving their needs and making this a worthwhile investment for them."

About Xmarter, Inc. (www.xmarter.com)
Xmarter, Inc. is a technology consulting company delivering the professional services of experienced TIBCO Certified Professionals to clients in different countries.

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