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TIBCO Consultants of Xmarter Launch TIBCO Trivia Program

The TIBCO Developers and Architects of Xmarter recently started a new program to test the TIBCO knowledge of visitors to www.xmarter.com. Hosted by Xmarter's new Internet virtual personality Victoria, the TIBCO Trivia Questions program is updated regularly by the TIBCO Consultants of Xmarter. [Read More]

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Senior TIBCO Architects and TIBCO Developers of Xmarter, Inc. Serving a New Client in the United States

Senior TIBCO Architects and TIBCO Developers of Xmarter, Inc., a TIBCO consulting services firm, are presently in their second month of productive service for a new long-term client in the United States. The client is a publicly-traded company that has been using TIBCO technology for many years now. The TIBCO expertise of Xmarter, Inc. was brought in to lead the implementation of numerous 2011 TIBCO initiatives for the client. The consulting project will involve the use of cutting-edge TIBCO products, such as TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO BusinessEvents, and other TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid. [Read More]

Xmarter TIBCO Consultants Extend a Helping Hand to Orphans in the Philippines

Alongside delivering quality TIBCO consulting services, Xmarter, Inc., an information technology consulting firm in Asia, also strengthens its community outreach programs as part of its corporate social responsibility. [Read More]

Four Xmarter TIBCO Consultants Now TIBCO Certified Professionals

As of January 2010, four TIBCO consultants of Xmarter, Inc., a TIBCO consulting firm providing solutions for business systems integration and business process management, are now TIBCO Certified Professionals. Starting from November of last year, Xmarter went through the process of having all of their TIBCO consultants earn the coveted certification. All consultants had to take the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5 Certification Exam authored by TIBCO Software, Inc. and administered by Prometric Services. The exam is part of the company's effort to enhance the quality of services delivered to their clients by their TIBCO developers. [Read More]

Xmarter TIBCO Training Center Now Includes Tutorials for TIBCO Architects

Xmarter, Inc., a TIBCO consulting and training firm, is inviting every TIBCO developer and architect to the expanded version of their virtual TIBCO Training Center. Called "The Xmarter TIBCO Architect Series", this new section is geared towards benefiting not only TIBCO programmers but also TIBCO architects, CIOs, and anyone looking for a high-level technical overview of TIBCO Software products and other topics related to TIBCO architecture. [Read More]

Xmarter Makes TIBCO Training One Click Away for TIBCO Architects, TIBCO Developers, and CIOs

Xmarter, Inc., an information technology consulting firm providing expert business solutions to companies using TIBCO-based systems, announced the launching of the Xmarter TIBCO Training Center. This virtual training center is the company's response to the lack of resources in the Internet for those who want to gain and expand TIBCO knowledge with no payment. [Read More]

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