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TIBCO Consultants of Xmarter
Launch TIBCO Trivia Program

February 20, 2011 - The TIBCO Developers and Architects of Xmarter recently started a new program to test the TIBCO knowledge of visitors to www.xmarter.com. Hosted by Xmarter's new Internet virtual personality Victoria, the TIBCO Trivia Questions program is updated regularly by the TIBCO Consultants of Xmarter.

The trivia questions come from the wide array of TIBCO knowledge base accumulated from Xmarterís TIBCO client engagements. The wealth of TIBCO information contained in these trivia questions came from the consulting projects in which Xmarterís TIBCO Consultants have served.

To sustain the demanding regular effort of coming up with fresh TIBCO trivia questions, Xmarter's TIBCO Consultants are contributing their time to provide the needed TIBCO expertise.

To increase community engagement, Xmarter has integrated each TIBCO trivia question with Facebook. This extends the reach of the regular posts, and it allows Xmarter to see how many people like the posts. After only a few days after inception, the TIBCO trivia questions are becoming quite popular, getting consistent visits even from non-I.T. people.

"Xmarter's TIBCO Trivia Question program is a fun and informative way to interact with the many visitors coming to our website every day. This gives our loyal visitors a chance to learn something new about TIBCO regularly and also enjoy the engaging videos of our beautiful Victoria," said Xmarter CEO Jazon Samillano.

About Xmarter, Inc. (www.xmarter.com)
Xmarter, Inc. is a technology consulting company delivering the professional services of experienced TIBCO Certified Professionals to clients in different countries.

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