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TTIBCO Project Experiences of Xmarter TIBCO Consultants

We are the TIBCO Consulting Company other consulting companies
go to for help with the TIBCO projects of their clients.

This page contains stories of real-world TIBCO projects on which our consultants have worked as TIBCO Consultants. Take a couple of minutes to get to know about the actual TIBCO project experiences of our consultants.

This page is so new it still has a new car smell! Please excuse the shortness of this page. More of our past real-world TIBCO project stories are being written up now. This page will be loaded by the time were done.

Using TIBCO to Prevent Foreclosures on Active Duty Military Service Men and Women

A financial company needed to comply to a federal regulation mandating that a lending institution may not foreclose on the home of a borrower who is an Active Duty military personnel. A Xmarter TIBCO Consultant was tasked to have the company comply with the federal mandate using TIBCO technology. The TIBCO Consultant architected a solution that uses TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO EMS, and TIBCO BusinessEvents. The goal is to integrate with a US government system and see daily which of the hundreds of thousands of borrowers are already Active Duty military or have recently entered Active Duty status. Upon integrating with the government system, the solution needed to provide meaningful reports to the foreclosure team to alert them not to foreclose on Active Duty service members. The TIBCO solution was deployed to production and is now an incredible time-saver to foreclosure officers in the company.

Using TIBCO to Integrate Live Sports Data Feed from Multiple External Providers to an Online Betting System

Feeds or sports betting information used by a betting system can be from multiple external providers. To handle these data from different sources, Xmarter TIBCO Consultants were tasked to develop a solution using TIBCO technology. The TIBCO Consultants developed solutions using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks and TIBCO EMS. In order to receive live sports feed from external feed providers, the solution needed to use the same protocol as with the providers. Once a data feed is received, the data needed to be validated and transformed to fit perfectly to the schema of the target system. The solution then needed to be integrated with the betting system for the feeds to be consumed by other betting operations. The TIBCO solution was deployed to production and is now a very useful and efficient means to handle live feeds for the online betting system.

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