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View photos of the latest community outreach program held by some of our TIBCO consultants.

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give me TIBCO or give me death!"

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In addition to providing quality TIBCO consulting work for our clients, we at Xmarter, Inc. feel lucky to have the honor of holding outreach and self-development events aimed towards less fortunate children in the Philippines. Throughout the poor communities in the Philippines, we constantly see the attitude of surrender and full acceptance of poverty. Our aim is to work hard to fight against this useless and hopeless complacency. One way we feel we can make a difference in some poor communities is to hold outreach events where company management and some of our TIBCO consultants inspire and educate children to take 100% responsibility of their lives instead of surrendering and blaming the world for their poverty. We do make significant charitable contributions to the group or community, but our bigger aim is to plant the seed of ambition in the minds of poor young children.

As passionately as we can, we try to reach their young minds to convince them that they are capable of so much future greatness if they would only take full charge of their lives. Though poverty is all around them, we inspire them to adopt the mentality of successful people. We teach them that they become what they think about most of the time.

It is our philosophy at Xmarter, Inc. that a person will be much more successful in all aspects of life if only that person would take complete responsibility of his or her life. This is a principle we impress on our TIBCO consultants, and it is a principle we work hard to share with others, especially the less fortunate ones in our communities.

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Xmarter Communities - Girls Home
Bacolod Girls Home Foundation
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Xmarter Communities - Boys Home
Bacolod Boys Home Foundation
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Aug 21 - Xmarter TIBCO Consultants Extend a Helping Hand to Orphans in the Philippines   [View Photos]

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